Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Call for Pictures and Video

I'm currently working on a special project that I'm REALLY excited about. Right now it's TOP SECRET, but everyone will hear about it very soon!

As many of you would suspect by now, part of the project requires some crazy awesome pictures and video. SO, if you have some awesome picture of yourself, hainging off of a cliff, finishing an ironman, sweating through an ultra-marathon, or whatever, email me, leave a comment, whatever and I'll include it in this sweet new project I'm working on.

I can't wait to see what everyone comes up with!

Monday, June 08, 2009

Ironman Training

This weekend I FINALLY got a good semi-long day in.  Definitely, not a full Ironman training day, but definitely long enough to know that it is prime time for Ironman Training.  I was fortunate enough to be with my buddy Kevin.  We had a warm-up pace heading to the water, we pulled each other while we were doing intervals.  

My friend Kevin swam in college, so it is pointless to actually swim with him.  But we did get in the same amount of time, about 30 minutes.  I always joke that I actually swim as fast as him, I just don't swim in a straight line.  Note, when we race in a lap-pool I have to get a little more creative with my excuses.

We had a nice bike ride back doing some more intervals.  Kev, had to cut it short, and I "had Georgia on my mind" so I headed out to the valley.  

WARNING!  This is about to get deep, so if you want to just follow me and my triathlon training, stop here!  

As I was riding all by lonesome, I couldn't help but just think about the completely awesome creator we have.  The sunrise, the morning dew, the deer, the complete silence and the sounds of nature.  If you are having a hard time empathizing - then you need to get outside more!  

"He bought me out into a spacious place; He rescued me because he delighted in me." Psalms 18:19 

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Scenic City Trail Marathon Reviewed

I was planning on running the half-marathon at the Scenic City Trail Marathon, but since I have been having some knee problems I just decided to take pictures and support my friends.

One of my friends directed the race...

One of my friends terrorized everyone...

And another one of my friends won the race!

Contrats to all who finished!


May was extremely hectic for me, so I made a personal goal to blog everyday in June.  So now, as of June 3, I have already failed at this.  Owell...

Monday, June 1 Ironman training was my official start for training.  I'm sure this is a major shock to most of you.  However, I've been keeping in-shape - long rides here and there, trail runs, etc..., but now, it's official triathlon training time.  

For now, no more just keeping in-shape, it's time to get in triathlon shape, which is a world of difference than just being in-shape.  On Monday, after work I grabbed a quick open water swim.  Unfortunately, I had to cut it short, but it was great being back in the water.  I never thought after training for the Louisville Ironman that I would miss it, but I have. 

Last night I got in another swim and today I got some good running in.  Saturday, is my first big day and I'm stoked becuase my training partner will be with it and we are both good at challenging each other in different legs.  

In May, I did participate in some really cool events, in-which I will blog about over the next couple of days.  So be sure to keep coming back - or better yet - SUBSCRIBE TO THE RSS FEED!