Thursday, April 30, 2009

What Kind of Life Are You Living?

WOW! For me, this puts my Ironman Triathlon in perspective. On one level it is definately not safe, and it is out of the box. However, I want to live a much deeper life, one of meaning, purpose and experience. I hope you all enjoy!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Mob Boss Book Review

I’ll Make You An Offer You Can’t Refuse is a straight talking book business book if there every was one.  Michael Frazese balances  business advice with real life examples, albeit most of the examples are illegal. 

The biggest asset the book has is the simplicity.  The book flows well and is very easy to read.  Additionally, it has an outline of bullet points at the end of each chapter titled: “Get the Message”

Another big plus for the book is that it is part of Nelsonfree, which means if you buy the book, you get the audio book and the ebook free. 

The only major thing I can complain about is that it felt cheesy at times, as Franzese’s constantly compares himself to “Tony Soprano” which seems odd, considering Franzese was an actual mob-boss.  However, the real examples the book describes are like nothing I have ever read.  Mainly because they are illegal.  I can’t believe this guy is alive, much less telling the true stories of the inner-workings of the mob.

I think the business section of the book store is better off with this book.  We need more real life examples in business practices and less theoretical management garbage.  If you want an easy to read, straight-talking book, and you are interested in the inner-workings of the mob, this is the book for you!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

2009 Country Music Marathon

This weeked I'm running my first road race.  The 2009 Country Music Marathon.  The race is extremely special to me as it was my first marathon.  I think I did everything wrong, but I finished and that is what counts.

This year will be just as special as my best friend is running his first half marathon and one of my good training buddies is running his first marathon.

Hopefully I won't be looking like this:

Which is exactly what I looked like the last time I ran the Country Music Marathon.  Hopefully, the lack of an extra 13.1 miles will help.

Good luck to all.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Good Ol' Days

I think perspective is extremely important in all parts of life.  Sometimes I get frustrated with where I am in my training versus where I want to be.  I used to have a lot more time to train, and as such, was a lot faster.  But I just came across some archives of my first couple of posts and an overwhelming smile came across my face.  

Let's treat life as a process and not a goal, and enjoy the ride!  

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Why run ultras?

“Why run a hundred miles? Because basketball and baseball only require one ball.”
- Kim Gaylord

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Who I Am

It's obvious.

That it is important to know who you are.

But unfortunately (or fortunately) I'm not going to even attempt to summarize who I am in a blog post. Here is a summary anyway:

I am a passionate person. I value experiences in the the highest order. I believe life should be looked at not as a goal, but as a journey. YES, I have to remind myself of that regularly. I love GOD, I love my family and friends. I love the outdoors and all of the opportunities and encounters I have with mother nature.

My ultimate goal in life: to consume more Ice Cream than any other person on the face of this earth (hence, I need to keep doing Ironman triathlons, to stay in reasonable shape for this task)