Mayor Ken Livingstone of London is urging his citizens to forego bottled water in light of the drag it puts on the environment. Mayor Mike Bloomberg of New York has done the same. Others, meanwhile, have taken the further step of an outright ban on bottled water. Your thoughts?

I loved some of the comments so I'll post them here:

We’re calling on people to stop drinking exhorbitantly over priced bottled water and donating the money saved to finance clean water infrastructure in undevelopped and developping areas of Africa. We’ve only been around about a year but we’ve already started making a difference and we continue to expand the area we are serving.

Municipal water supplies in this part of the world (North America, I’m referring to) are under far more scrutiny than any water bottling company. Municipal resources fall under strict government controls that do not apply to private industry.

In any case, all the information you need is on the website.

— Posted by Alex W

More idiotic enviro-fascist lunacy. It does seem to bother these dolts that things like the London congestion charge are expensive and useless.

Then again…these twits are making it far easier to be rebellious. Be a rebel…drink bottled water.

— Posted by Andrew Ian Dodge

“Similarly, public water systems are required to test for chemical water contaminants four times as often as bottled water companies. In addition, loopholes in the FDA’s testing policy do not require the same standards for water that is bottled and sold in the same state, meaning that a significant number of bottles have undergone almost no regulation or testing.”

— Posted by Phil